Able AI for Business is the application that is offered to business and commercial customers

Able AI for Business

Able AI for Business

Our ageing population and people with disabilities are more active in our communities than ever before, but still can’t access many businesses or services as the business/provider has no awareness of their individual needs, nor how to support and assist them. Customers with access needs or disabilities make up a considerable amount of potential business – the market in the UK is estimated at £249 Billion annually (DWP research £249bn ) and over $8 trillion globally every year, that mostly goes untapped. Able AI for Business is the application that is offered to businesses, organisations and service providers – such as Airports, Rail, Hotel Chains, Coffee shops, Leisure and Tourism, Conferences and Events, Public Sector – to help them engage with their customer’s with disabilities and help them understand the customer’s accessibility needs; communicate with; support compliance; increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and revenue.

Why should your business be more accessible?

The Extra Costs Commission research outlines that 75% of people with disabilities and their families and 76% of parents or carers either stop using a particular brand or business products, goods or services due to poor customer experience, or that are unable to fully understand and appreciate an individual’s disability or access needs.

Only 6% of people with disabilities are wheelchair users – there is a huge range of disabilities, many are hidden disabilities, that need to be considered when looking at your own business’s approach to accessibility.

Our innovative technology is a customisable, scalable AI Artificial Intelligence solution sold as a software platform to different verticals and markets. Specifically designed to both help the businesses streamline, manage and improve their customers journey experience and provide a user-friendly, accessible service for their customers to be able to interact with them – leading to improved customer satisfaction, feedback, loyalty and reputation.

Able AI for Business Analytics offers organisations detailed reports and analytics providing greater insights of their customer’s behaviours, satisfaction and monitor how staff resources can be used more efficiently.

Why should your business be more accessible?

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